Singer/songwriter Trunky Juno has released a new song ‘It’s a Trip’

By Alex Brown - 1.11.19

Since first emerging with his debut single ‘Small Town’ at the beginning of 2019, the lo-fi frontman has always looked to deliver a multifaceted and eclectic aesthetic to his music. With notable call-backs to the romance of the 80s new wave era, the charming tones of dream-pop, and whimsy of modern-day crooners like Father John Misty and Mac DeMarco, the singer and producer always looks to serenade us with his quirky musings and offbeat personality.

This latest offering ‘It’s a Trip’ sees Trunky Juno with all levels turned up to the maximum, sounding more pop, more quirky, and more irreverent than ever before, as the track journeys through some very calm and chilled verses, towards the most  hard-hitting and anthemic chorus of Trunky’s unique catalogue so far.

As a lament on the toils of modern life and melted cheese, the track delivers profoundly, and is quite possibly the most relatable, and grounded release to date from Trunky Juno to date.

‘It’s a Trip’ pushes the boundaries of how bedroom pop is supposed to sound, and while elements of the signature lofi indie sound heard in prior releases can be heard here, there is obviously a much-heightened attention to detail, in a much more sleek and polished pop production.

Captured within the artwork this time around is Bruce,  at his most bodacious.

‘It’s a Trip’ by Trunky Juno is available on all platforms on October 29th 2019 via Silent Kid Records. Trunky Juno will showcase his songs at The Cluny in Newcastle on Wednesday 27th November 2019.

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