Stepping into ambiance with Soular Order's latest song, 'Redacted'

By Alex Brown - 29.10.19

Ambient electronic producer Soular Order has released his 3rd and final single from the Beholder EP. ‘Redacted’ via City By Night Records was released last Friday while the EP will be shared on 8 November. “‘Redacted’ started out as an experiment rather than a track really. I was up late and trying to create evolving patches on the Novation Peak and just sort of started to build on that. Before I knew it, I had a full track!” Jon Maynard (aka Soular Order) shares the process behind the creation of ‘Redacted’.

Recently, Soular Oder elaborated in an interview with The Playground that he applies this unpredictability to all of his time in the studio. “I try not to regulate the writing process too much. If I come up with something I like, I’ll record that and begin writing around it. I try and keep mixing as a completely separate thing until I’m done with writing.”

The producer has a history of appearing in major publications such as Magnetic Magazine, Earmilk, Stoney Roads. However, some of the smaller publications such as Chill Music have also been following his career growth closely, describing Soular Order as having “taken the time to refine his skill, rewarding the listeners who have stayed with him with a clear evolution of his sound”.

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