Shookrah release eagerly awaited titled album 'Shookrah'

By Alex Brown - 30.10.19

Following on from 'Notions', Shookrah have finally unveiled their full LP, Shookrah. The Irish five piece have already made waves with previous releases and were named Best Act of 2017 and 50 People to Watch in 2018 by The Irish Times. But they're not only adored on home soil. Shookrah have piqued the interest of a host of tastemaker publications, and garnered praise from the likes of Afropunk and Wonderland magazine.

Shookrah is the combined talents of Senita Appiakorang (lead vocals), Emmet O'Riabhaigh (drums), Daniel Coughlan (guitar), Diarmait Mac Carthaigh (keyboard) and Brian Dunlea (bass guitar), each member bringing their own unique style and set of influences to the table.

The new album is a sonic journal of Shookrah's six years as a band. It's a nod to the influences and experiences they've had as artists, neatly packaged in a soulful vocals and groovy instrumentals.
Lead vocalist Senita explains. “It's been a long road leading to this album, 6 years and a host of members dwindling down to the core 5 we have today. It's a time capsule; of where we are in the world right now, of where we've arrived in our sound and understanding of who Shookrah are. There's been significant learning for us in it, which I think will inform we respectively go in our music careers and as an ensemble. We hope the tireless love of making it translates through."


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