London-based singer Phoebe Coco announces new song ‘Sycamore Trees’

By Alex Brown - 1.10.19

With both folk and electronic influences, Phoebe Coco captivates audiences with lyrical charm, from intimate settings of living rooms in Sofar Sounds, danceable music venues such as Sebright Arms, and Kings Head Members Club, to festivals such as Iceland Airwaves and Shambala. Other collaborations and features include vocals on Lydian Collective album ‘Adventure’ reaching number one in Amazon Jazz Charts, and songs with forthcoming releases with London producers ‘Laszlo’ and ‘In Fields’ and NYC producer ‘Stray Echo’.

The leaves begin to whirl, as ‘Sycamore Trees’ comes to life- the third single from London’s Phoebe Coco. It’s out on Sharp Attack Records, October the 11th with a live show on Resonance FM on the 12th of October.

Sycamore Trees put the skip in your step and the swing in your stride. Where are you going? It’s a song that questions destinations, desires, values and the journey we take to get there. In the end, it celebrates the exhilarated bliss of living in the moment as we throw our hands in the air and join the leaves as we spin around.

This is another new sound from Phoebe, with driving drums and rich chorus harmonies sung by her twin sisters, arpeggiated bass, piano, and flute lead by an airy vocal topline. The track has been produced alongside Marc Makarov and Vanessa Anne Redd of Sharp Attack Records and mixed by multi-Grammy award-winning Eduardo De La Paz.

‘Show me a street of dreams, I’ll show you the places that I’ve been- all painted in grey, blue and green’ 
The music video, shot on Super 8 film by British filmmaker and director Buster Grey Jung is a trip in the day of the life of a character a trip to find nature in the city, on a quest, and capturing the moments of the journey we take - the journey is the destination. We can do things our own way.

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