Shookrah release latest song inspiring us to take a glance at an old music video

By Alex Brown - 27.9.19

Future soul outfit Shookrah have released their latest single, ‘Notions’ via Broken Records on the 20th of September. The track received a jump start with a premiere from Vance Magazine who described it as a “dazzling new cut”. You can read the full premiere here.

The track is a unique combination of atmospheric meeting dancefloor beats, resulting in a sound that pays tribute to the R&B genre without being engulfed by it. Despite the cheerful tone of the song, the lyrics reveal the emotion behind ‘Notions’.

“It's Always The Same
I fucked it up too early
But too proud to say
Admit that I was wrong here
Cause I've been ashamed of the choices I've made
Presenting frontiers in the love that we shared”

In defiance of the five-piece band being made up predominantly made up of men, there’s a strong feminine energy that comes through with lead vocalist Senita Appiakorang. Tackling this feminine presence full-on, they released the impactful music video for the track ‘W O M A N’. You can find the empowering video below.

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