Sassy 009 returns with a new track ‘Thrasher’

By Blog.Ground - 9.9.19

It’s a statement that is both simultaneously emblematic and at odds with Sassy 009’s latest release. On one hand, the hotly tipped trio is now a solo project - something no amount of planning could likely foresee - but on the other, the end result feels completely right to continue as an autonomous pursuit. “I must say working by myself feels very natural,” she admits.

After 2017’s Do You Mind EP - that led to celebratory press from the likes of Pitchfork and the Guardian - Lindgaard began to explore the duality that arose from changing personal circumstances and prospering creative ones. “For the past few years I've learnt to live with a lot of unexpected wavy stuff turning me upside down emotionally,” she says. “While also seeing my musical career blossom. This two-sided lifestyle makes me create music for some reason, and the process evolves itself by my strong will of wanting to cut through the membrane between confusion and clarity"

The songs evolving into new, previously unexplored terrain also fits in with what was running through Lindgaard’s head at the time. “I had quite an intense period of fascination for the universe and existential thoughts, as well as being very much into spaceship aesthetics.” The music reflects this deeply textured, thoughtful, otherworldly and almost sci-fi-esque tone. “I have a thing for things I don't understand, like time and space.” It was being introduced to the Roland Juno 106 and Oberheim-OB6 synths that led to the sound of the record taking shape and honing in on its aesthetic narrative. “My vision was to create my own spaceship. That's sort of the picture I have in my head when I think of my EP. Plus, my co-producer Baya’s studio sort of feels like a spaceship itself, which made the whole working and recording environment inspiring and easy going.”

1. Okay
2. Fake News (Interlude)
3. Thrasher
4. Maybe in the Summer
5. Second Thought (Interlude)
6. MK3
7. Are You Still a Lover
8. Til (*****)

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