Pioneer within and without music, Panaviscope treats fans with dark electro-pop song

By Alex Brown - 19.9.19

Up and coming electronic producer Panaviscope released his single, ‘Kiss Yourself To Death’. The song is the title track for the EP, which he released at the same time earlier this year. The track was mixed by Yvan Bing and mastered by Mike Marsh.

Panaviscope is the project child of Alex Duloz, who is also currently heading The Pastry Box Project as well as Superyesmore, which is still in its development phase. The Pastry Box is a collaborative blog which publishes one new post every day from bright minds shaping the web. Superyesmore will also look at collaborative blogging. At the head of all of this is his eclectic publishing company, How Bad? Pretty Bad LLC.

Drawing inspiration from both Pink Floyd and Air, creating a unique mash-up of genres. Along with ‘Kiss Yourself To Death’ was ‘A Poor, Ready - Made Notion Of Fun’ which displays a similar method of maintaining the rhythmic bass through out the song. Pairing with that, we hear the dark lyrics of 'Kiss Yourself To Death' shinning through:

"The conclusion. The fading fun.
When the night comes, pleasure is gone.
Kiss yourself to death"

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