Ka Fu creates music for movement with ‘Good & Grey’ and B-side 'Frozen.'

By Alex Brown - 17.9.19

Electronic producer Ka Fu's latest output ‘Good & Grey’ comes as a double whammy with B-side 'Frozen.' The tracks follow on from previous releases 'Empty Days' and 'Where Everything Is Ours', both of which are also highly interesting, well considered compositions.

Ka Fu has long struggled to remain in one place, preferring to constantly change his environment. He has noted that music is his "true home" and one can see that he certainly takes solace in the creation of sound.

Not surprising then, that both 'Good & Grey' and 'Frozen' manifest with a discernible sound of movement. Both tracks are driving offerings, bringing to the fore a definite reminder to keep progressing.... Keep. Getting. Better.

In his own words: “From time to time in my life there is a freaking out point -  a balance between doing super great and super shit. Basically, it’s like a pause when nothing really disturbs you, yet you know that it could be much better. So this is just “Good & Grey.” “Good & Grey” could be anything: people, places, food, drinks. The point is not to get stuck in “Good & Grey” because then you trade your soul off for the comfort. So I use this phrase to kick myself to take the next step."

Look out for his upcoming album Encoding: Master

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