Weston Rd rock out with new track 'Take You Down'

By Alex Brown - 31.7.19

Weston Rd is a 3 piece rock band based in Stafford, UK. They've just released their debut track 'Take You Down' which has been described as "a visceral palette of textures ignited with the ferocity of an aural gasoline bomb."

The band is Joe Blanks, Leon Philipsen and Jake Brown, who, when not rocking out, are getting up to shenanigans like filling their kitchen with scarecrows pinched from the town fete after a boozy evening.

The new track is is a fast and ferocious offering, perfectly suited to a good bit of headbanging. The band gives some insight into it's origins: “'Take You Down’ is our first ever single and also the first song ever written with the band in mind, even before Weston Rd was Weston Rd! As it was then, the band was dealt a nasty blow by someone close to us. Just a few hours later, all of the emotion and thoughts that were provoked resulted in ‘Take You Down.’ You can kind of call it group therapy so we hope that it will be group therapy for all those that get to listen to it too!” 

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