Ro Bergman's uplifting track 'Clouds' takes us into the weekend

By Alex Brown - 23.8.19

Ro Berman is an Austrian indie-rock artist who has just released his new single 'Clouds.' The track was produced by Niko Stoessl (Dave Gahan, IamX, NIHILS, Motoboy)

This follows on from previous track 'Horizon' which was released earlier this year. He has already racked up over 100 000 streams on previous releases and it looks as though 'Clouds' is set to be just as well recieved.

Berman's music is chock full of optimisim and motivation. He's like the life coach we all need, dishing out encouragement with a crooning voice and uplifting melodies.  “I was writing these songs in very different surroundings - the Alps, close to the Pacific or Atlantic ocean and in big cities.  For me, it's important to be in movement to see contrasts, to see sharp, to see new horizons.  Remind yourself that this life is short and to be courageous enough to follow your passion. If the sparkle is gone from your eyes it leads to nothing. The question is not where you start from,  the question is what you are aiming for - dream outside the lines.”

Clouds is an upbeat offering that speaks of following one's passion. We're definitely taking this one into the weekend.

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