Poetic Chantitown receives a modern synthpop music twist by Krono

By Alex Brown - 29.8.19

Chantitown has recently had her ‘Sinking Into Blue’ track remixed by the legendary Krono. The remix was premiered via Xs Noize. The expressive artist takes a step back and allows Krono to cause the song to shine with electronic embellishments on the pop track. Krono, in turn, displays deep respect for the original content, simply elaborating on the core concept. As ever, her powerful vocals take centre stage.

The UK based singer is well known for winning the Songwriter Universe’s ‘Best Song of the Month’ award with her ‘Cause And Cure’ single. They said that the track “is a pop/folk song that has a modern arrangement and an ethereal, mystical quality to it.” You can read the full piece here. Prior to this her track, ‘River’ was featured in Fguk Mag.

However, even with these strong backings, we find ourselves enjoying this remix of her work the most. Pairing the poetic lyrics with the electronic transitions comes to create a modern Alanis Morrisette tone, with the feeling that she will become a female music legend in a similar manner. Here at Exit Through The Sound, we can’t help but hope to see more remixes of Chantitown’s work in the future.

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