New Music video from NICOLAAS perfectly displays groovy track

By Alex Brown - 26.8.19

Canadian synthwave meets funk producer, NICOLAAS has just released the music video for his track, ‘Real Escape’. You can read our previous piece on the single here. Since our feature, the funky song has received two remixes, from Disco Despair and Robert Parker respectively. While each remix has been able to showcase the beauty of the track in unexpected ways, it’s the simplicity of the music video that really causes it to shine.

“As soon as I heard Real Escape, I knew I wanted to play on both the retro and the fresh aspect of the song. I instantly reminisced the masterpieces of the late 90s and early 00s from the likes of Jones and Gondry. Like them, I decided to mix the lo-fi aspect of an improvised popping dance routine and the techno craze confusion brought all the possible format imposed by social media in 2019.” Martin Henri, the producer, was able to tell us about his driving concept that created the video.

We see these influences of masterpieces from the late 90s shinning through and pairing well with NICOLAAS’ own past. The single came about via NICOLAAS' own need for an escape. “Everything was mundane. The sounds I relied on went stale. My structures and content…nothing excited me. I needed something new and I needed to wrap it in a shiny new package. My greys needed some neon.” The result is a music video that displays a dancing style (popping and locking) that wouldn’t normally be associated with a groovy electronic synthwave track but the combination easily proves itself as a winner.

The sole dancer J Style has a challenging task providing this neon for NICOLAAS, with the camera never leaving his side. However, he rises to the occasion with his own kank style, which you can see more of on his Instagram page here.


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