Leanne Tennant’s new song ‘Bring It All Back’ will put shivers down your spine

By Alex Brown - 22.8.19

The UK-born singer-songwriter Leanne Tennant has just shared her new single ‘Bring It All Back’ which has been taken from her upcoming album via LT Records. Her talents have been showcased at numerous festivals and she has had support from influential music publications such as The Rolling Stones, Iggy Magazine, AU Review and BBC Radio.

Her sublime songwriting abilities could be compared to Brandi Carlisle, Courtney Barnett, Kacey Musgraves, Phoebe Bridgers, and Julia Jacklin. ‘Bring It All Back’ opens with palpable energy and a bassline growling beneath punchy drums, before Leanne Tennant’s confident vocals ease their way into the mix with a calming effect. Her inspiring and almost poetic lyrics talk about a frustrating but incredibly hopeful exchange between two opposite minds that are in continuous talks. The song hits a soft spot within your heart as it has a very personal feel to it as it communicates about problems and how to fix them. It’s an incredibly infectious song which I’ve had on repeat!

Leanne Tennant had the following to say about the story behind the track: “The song is about two people in conversation with alternative views. One is suggesting that they open up the dialogue and explore alternative ideas and beliefs however their requests are futile as they're communicating with someone who has a fixed mindset.”

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