KITZL's video for 'Wizard Girls' will transport you to another dimension

By Alex Brown - 30.7.19

Quirky whizz-kid KITZL has released a video for her track 'Wizard Girls' and it's a fairy land of colour and atmosphere. The track was originally inspired by a fashion show, and the Canadian producer has now used the woods near her home as the setting for her video.

Produced by Justin Alexis, the trippy video accentuates the idiosyncratic elements of the song beautifully, and one can't help but be scooped up into KITZL's psychedelic new world.

Speaking of the track Kitzl explains: “We filmed it all in Elora and in Guelph, close to home.  We were chasing an unearthly, neon forest kind of vibe.  In the day the wizard girls laze around and recharge, and at night they get down to business.   The night-time stuff was really cool to film because the lights in the dark trees immediately looked so eerie, exactly how we'd hoped.  I made a lot of moth friends that night."

"I reached out to KITZL after being blown away by her live performance. We brought our ideas to the table and created something truly unique and on par with both of our projects." - Justin Alexis on directing the music video.

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