Jacob Lee examines the balancing scale of love in 'Artistry'

By Alex Brown - 13.8.19

Following on from his video for 'Zen', Jacob Lee has shared his newest single 'Artistry.' Lee is a phenomenal young songwriter and entrepreneur based out of Gold Coast, Australia. He has released four independent projects since his debut album Philosophy, released in 2015, accumulating over 140 million streams across digital streaming platforms.

He has noted that his upcoming album has been the perfect evolution from Philosophy touching on topics he’s wanted to lyricise his entire life. So far, he's released two tracks from the new album, both the title track and recently 'Zen.' Lee's father was a bassist and vocalist, an apparently the apple didn't fall far from the tree. He is also working on a book which is set to be released this year.

'Artistry' is centred around the agonies and ecstasies of love, and the lack of balance that can  come as a result. In his own words: "’Artistry’ could very well be the most tragic song I've ever released. From a tapestry woven by purity & love to a travesty knotted & barely recognisable, 'Artistry' conveys a twisting of love. It was written vaguely 8 months ago at my parent's home on the Gold Coast. I was sat on a bar-stool near our old garage, messing around with the chord progression from 'Oceans'. The majority of it was penned throughout that day, even though I had to study the terminology behind how tapestries were made... This piece is an ambiguous example of how fragile we feel in a position of selflessness, yet also how authoritative & powerful we feel when being selfish, even though, in reality, we eventually realise it is always the complete opposite."

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