The Rocket Summer Shares New music Video For ‘Blankets’

By Blog.Ground - 31.7.19

Manchester-based independent record label Lab Records are delighted to announce that they will release Sweet Shivers, the new album from Forth Worth, Texas’ THE ROCKET SUMMER in the UK on 2nd August 2019.

Masterminded by multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter, and performerBryce Avary, the latest single from the album, ‘Blankets’, is out now with a brand new video which forms part of an extended narrative running across the album’s singles.

Defined by a driving beat and the lilting stride of Avary's vocals against melodic hooks, the song is another infectious instalment in his expansive catalog. Keen direction from Dillon Slack and Ben Busch makes a simple set into a playground for actors Brianna Brill and Nick Morbitt, who traverse through actual blankets to find one another in the video. At its center is a story of coming to terms with some of life's more chaotic moments and finding what silver linings we can.

Commenting on the track, Avary says: “‘There are not reasons for everything, yet, there are no reasons to leave’—easily one of my favorite lyrics on this record. Every time I sing it, even now, it still resonates and cuts deeply into my core. ‘Sweet Shivers’ (which comes from a lyric in 'Blankets') is referring to an emotion: a feeling of excitement and joy in the unknown, even if the unknown itself is more dressed up in less than ideal feelings of uncertainty. A letting go of sorts; beauty in the free fall. Sonically, to me, the melancholic yet contrastingly hopeful spirit within the journey of the free fall is what this song sounds like.”

“I wrote the song in the middle of the night watching fuzzy TV in a cabin in rural Texas, long before I tracked it,” he continues, “but I'll never forget what it was like having to cut this vocal in the studio only 2 hours after catching wind that my childhood friend had taken her life. While only parts of the song point to that type of narrative, I think it will forever resonate with me as a lyric that just simply needs to be sung.”

Avary’s "long-awaited (Alternative Press)," seventh studio album, Sweet Shivers was crafted between a rural Texan cabin and Los Angeles, bringing a broad perspective that permeates the album. Like the bumblebee that graces the album’s cover who sees color differently than humans, the collection of songs invites listeners to try on a new lens of perception. The album is Avary’s first since 2016’s critically-acclaimed Zoetic which was praised by New Noise Magazine as “undoubtedly The Rocket Summer’s best release,” and marks another defiant step forward in his sonic evolution following sold out dates on his most recent headlining tour.

The Rocket Summer also recently announced a 28-date North American tour. Fans will not only get to hear the new songs live for the first time, but can look forward to singing along to their favorite TRS classics. The up to 2-hour sets will have the quintessential high octane energy that Avary brings to every performance, balanced with intimate, cerebral moments, a delicate craft that Avary has curated and evolved since the dawn of his career.

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