Sunny Gray shares environmentally conscious NEW SONG 'Equilibrium'

By Alex Brown - 18.7.19

Melantropic soul artist Sunny Gray has shared his latest track 'Equilibrium' via Exilence.

The Italian-born and currently London-based artist emits a certain urban vibe through his music, and has been involved in projects ranging from graffiti to full band sets. Fittingly, he resides in London's Camden Town,  the home of many of his musical heroes, like Sex Pistols.

The son of a musician, Sunny Gray has fond memories of his father playing songs for the family. He inherited his fathers musical aptitude and is a skilled guitar player. His music is a blend of electronic meets soul (as it touches the soul!) and depicts the ubiquitous conflict hidden under the asphalt skinned metropolis.

'Equilibrium' is centred around the environmental issues we are currently facing as we push the Earth's resources to breaking point in pursuit of things we neither want nor need. He explains: “The track is a warning chant, an invitation to raise our awareness and open our eyes and hearts to hear the cry of pain in our world. The word EQUILIBRIUM is not only a very old word coming from Latin, the language of some of my ancestors, representative of my Sardinian roots, it’s also a word that depicts a state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced. I sensed this struggle between the opposites as soon as I landed in the city (London). The artificial entity born from the ashes and the roots of the environment, taking over the latter. I’m feeling we’re slowly but inevitably breaking the harmony between us and mother nature. We’re reaching a point of no return. This song is an invitation to stop, reflect, re-discuss our lives and habits, escape the labyrinth made of gold and greed we’ve built. Equilibrium means balance. Without balance, there is no respect. Without respect, no love exists. Without love, we are no more."

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