Hunger's music video for 'Light it Up' is a call to action for exploration

By Alex Brown - 23.7.19

Daniel Rumpel, Johannes Herbst and Lucas Fendrich are Hunger, an alternative rock trio from Vienna. They've just shared their new single and accompanying video 'Light It Up' with an album set for release on December 20th. Mosaik will be made up of tracks released monthly, ending in the grand finale - the album release. 

The video is a beautifully styled visual to accompany a track centred around the celebration of life. It feels as though the band is issuing a call to action through the visuals and lyrics, urging one to go out and experience what the world has to offer.

"'Light It Up' is about adventures, moments and memories we've experienced and still want to experience in our lives. It’s an anthem for going out and to live and experience life and its freedoms." says the band.

Beautiful cinematography, interesting backdrops and fearless women. This video truly seaks for itself. Watch below:

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