Eulene has just shared her NEW SONG ‘Megalomaniac’

By Alex Brown - 12.6.19

Eulene, the Nashville-based electro-pop songstress behind January’s infectious ‘Momma’, has
shared ‘Megalomaniac’, her latest single with a video to boot. Raised in the bustling city of
New York, Eulene seems to have a clear understanding of social authority, influence and
ascendency. Taken from her highly anticipated upcoming self-titled EP, via GoGoLove Records,
the track is both menacing and seductive.

"’Megalomaniac’ is about excess. The excess of wealth and power...the excess of a dose that
poisons." says Eulene.

All the rhythm of a little world, it’s another day
Find it hard to control yourself so caught up in the sway
Round and round and round you go on the wheel of fame
Swing it high, swingin’ in the know
Could you ever break away?

The track opens like a recurring dream, describing a way of life subject to unrelenting duplicitous
forces, before descending into a nightmare of delirium.

“You strip it down and you tell yourself that you can’t be tamed
No more high when you fall from the sky and lose your cape.
All the lies and the bloodshot eyes on the soul-less train.
See how far your big king can swing in the domination game.”

‘Megalomaniac’ is a succinct take on the addictive pursuit and deceptive qualities of power. The
beat marches on relentlessly behind catchy guitar riffs as Eulene’s vocal abilities take centre stage,
exhibiting a range of vocal stylings and phrasing that perfectly matches the rhythm and theme of
the track.

The video is appropriately disorientating, blurry and saturated with light and colour, complimenting

Eulene’s sentiments regarding overdose. It sparkles, dazzles, tempts and tantalises:

“Sooner or later it’s gonna get stranger”

We are loving Eulene's unorthodox and free-spirited approach to music and we so look forward to
hearing more.

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