Sci-Fi inspired outfit Kettle Of Kites unveil NEW SONG 'Weathervane'

By Alex Brown - 2.5.19

Arriving as a first glimpse of their upcoming album Arrows (out 11 October 2019), the ‘Weathervane’ announcement is accompanied by a stunning live performance of the track recently recorded at the Museum of Oriental Art in Genoa.

At a time when isolationism and ideological inward-looking, seem to be gripping the western world with greater effect every day, Kettle of Kites are a band unafraid to break the curve. With its constituent members hailing from Scotland, England, Belgium and Italy, Kettle of Kites gaze far beyond the borders of Earth and transfix upon the wonders of the universe and its limitless possibilities. Arriving in 2019 like a pan-European, sci-fi space rock programme, the four piece will deliver their new album: Arrows, an innovative concept record inspired by the works of science-fiction pioneer, Isaac Asimov.

New single, ‘Weathervane’, arrives as a stimulating first extract from the record. Exploring the idea of ‘Psychohistory’ first proposed by Asimov in his universally acclaimed Foundation series, ‘Weathervane’ finds Kettle of Kites ruminating on the core principles of space and time and the potential of wielding them to predict the path of the future…

‘Weathervane’ was written by the band’s Tom Stearn, while overlooking the old port of Genoa. As with the rest of the upcoming album Arrows, the track was recorded by Emi Cioncoloni at El Fish Studio in Genoa, Italy and further mixed and mastered by Nick Huggins and Ben TD at A Pocket Full of Stones studio in Melbourne, Australia.

Directed by Tiziano Colucci of Betabel Film, the accompanying live video of ‘Weathervane’ at the Museum of Oriental Art unveiled today was filmed only a stones throw from where the track was initially conceived. It features Kettle of Kites founding members: Tom Stearn (vocals & resonator guitar), Marco Giongrandi (ukulele), Riccardo Chiaberta (piano), Pietro Martinelli (double bass); plus string accompaniment from Gigi Magnozzi (viola) Gabriele Montanari (cello).


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