Listen to Lomea’s NEW SONG ‘Reach’ and win a set of his original art prints

By Alex Brown - 23.5.19

Today Lomea's ‘Reach’ has hit the airwaves, taken from his upcoming album Echoes in Bloom, to be released May 31 via Here & Now Recordings.

The fine-artist and musician shapes his unique sound from a blend of analogue and digital electronic sound sources, field recordings and manipulated organic instruments.  Strongly influenced by his surroundings, he is inspired by nature and the t natural environment. This is reflected in his sound, and this particular track came about in a very organic manner. Lomea made what some artists call a “happy mistake” and thus ‘Reach’ was born.

He explains: Originally there was going to be the tuned kick drum playing a ‘melodic’ bass line but I mis-dialled the pitch knob on the synth and it played a note I wasn’t expecting which threw the track onto a different course altogether. After that, all the big reverbed synth stuff came really naturally. There’s a lot packed into a short length with this track, one reason I’m really proud of it.”

To celebrate the upcoming release of ‘Echoes In Blooom’, Lomea has created a series of original Giclée prints of the original album artwork which he will be giving away to his fans. The album artwork is 9 interlocking paintings, inspired by the concept of Ouroboros, the ancient circular symbol depicting a snake swallowing its tail, symbolising unity, wholeness, two opposites coming together as one.

To enter, follow him on Spotify - winners announced 10 June.

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