Hooked Like Helen Releases Stunning NEW SONG ‘Beautiful World’

By Alex Brown - 17.5.19

Lifted off their upcoming album Tragedy of Physics, Alt-pop duo Hooked Like Helen release their new single ‘Beautiful World’ on Friday 17 May. The album is set to be released on 31 May via Stipp Manor Music and promises to be on that pop buzz they’re so well known for. 

In terms of pure power-pop delight, ‘Beautiful World’ is hard to beat - it's one of those tracks that taps directly into your musical pleasure centre and jabs at the best bits. It is everything that pop music should be: eloquent, spirited, with an infusion of freshness. 

‘Beautiful World’ is as the artist’s put it, “... a time of sad reflection on the state of society. We wrote this song as a way to combat our feelings of discontent, as if the upbeat groove and flying synths could convince us that things aren’t as bad as they seem. Music is our medicine and our voice, and we hope that Beautiful World conveys the sense that although there is much to mourn, there is much to celebrate if we take action to be a part of the healing.”  

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