Hooked Like Helen's NEW SONG Could 'Tear This Place Apart'

By Alex Brown - 2.5.19

Cleveland-based duo Hooked Like Helen have delivered ‘Tear This Place Apart’ ahead of the release of their Tragedy of Physics EP. From a house in the woods 40 miles west of “The Forest City”, husband-and-wife duo Hooked Like Helen have been experimenting with a blend of electronic and organic instrumentation to create a sound that best reflects their truth and creative influences.

‘Tear This Place Apart’ feels like wandering into a concert hall to Nikki and Jonathan Stipp as they work through the challenges of being both romantic- and creative-partners. Airy harp melodies, piano hooks and vocal arrangements paired with controlled, rhythmic bass lines and rolling hi-hats comfortably realise the groups dreamy alt-pop aesthetic. The intensity of Nikki’s vocals, expressing the highs and lows of love, alongside the soaring electric guitar and earthy drums that drive through the latter half of the track then shift this single in an anthemeque direction, drawing on the stylistic influences of rock music.

Driven by pain, joy, boredom and love, their sound continues to grow as they do.

The Tragedy of Physics EP releases 31 May via Stipp Manor Music.

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