Gerard Way to ‘Emerge’ musically from His Office for Social Justice + Art

By Alex Brown - 30.5.19

12 years of completely dominating as part of what is widely considered “The most important band” of the last two decades, it’s a wonder why it’s been so damn hard to catch former My Chemical Romance frontman, Gerard Way leaving his house these last few years unless for some co(s)mic event. He’s slowly been making his way out and about, but to be fair, he hasn’t had much choice lately as The Umbrella Academy has brought his name back into that spotlight he’s grown to hate so much. While the comic world rejoices at his work, the music fans were left feeling hurt, scared and alone to have lost their ‘Geesus’ to the confines of his Los Angeles home. Tisk tisk. 

Not to fret, oh dear stans… for last week your supreme leader took to Instagram to announce his upcoming appearance at Emerge Festival in Las Vegas. Yes, yes, and if you haven’t already sold your grandmother for tickets, there isn’t much time left, as it takes place from the 31st May to 1st June (and G will only appear on the 31st). Still your hearts, dear ones. Just click here for tickets and find peace. No… he will not be showcasing his angelic voice in a musical fashion. He is there to speak on social justice as you should very well be aware. Though Way did release a few tracks since the end of last year, we suspect performing them aren’t in the cards just yet.

Listen to ‘Getting Down The Germs’

We ask only one thing of the stans going to Emerge. If you do find yourself basking in the glory of your lord, would you do us a solid and shut down your inquiries about Frank in favour of rather asking the man if McCracken is just trolling about getting him back out on the road again? Cause no one seems to be asking the important questions anymore. And we thank you. 


Remember ‘Welcome to The Black Parade’

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