Nico Cartosio takes listeners on an emotional journey with NEW ALBUM 'Melting'

By Alex Brown - 17.4.19

Nico Cartosio's long awaited album 'Melting'  is now available. Released independently, the album is available on digital, CD and vinyl. Each of these versions has its own bonus-tracks.

Cartosio burst onto the scene in 2018, with releases  and accompanying videos that garnered instant attention with their high quality production and cinematic storylines. He lives immersed in music, composing a mental melody for every person he meets. “A girl smiles at me, and I hear how she sounds. It is a specific tune. She frowns and instantaneously, the melody changes in my head, from a flute solo to a cello" he says.

'Melting' is a very personal release for Cartosio. He explains: “My very personal debut album is about hope – a hope to escape and to be born anew: ‘Melting’.” Thus, the album has been designed to do the same thing. The track list is arranged in a manner that so takes the listener on a journey, casting them into the abyss of cold and death only to be later lifted up to the eternal freedom of the soul.

The opening track, ‘Christmas on the Moon’ is the beginning of his path which was marked with the untimely death of the composer’s close 9-year-old friend when he was just a child. Through rage and aversion of a personal loss, through drug addiction as a way to handle the situation, there came the next composition – ‘Cocaine March.’ The chilling ‘Snow Above The Earth’ is a tribute for all the children who have passed on without being given a chance to let their music be heard. ‘Kensico’ heightens these dismal emotions as this is where true darkness lies - the complete denial of life; death. ‘Girl on an Iceberg’, conveys the tale of a young figure skater who has dedicated her life to her craft; leaving behind her childlike wonder to become engulfed with the pressure to succeed. Instead of fuelling her ego, she opts to find means of escape looking deep within herself via the use of her imagination; breaking free from her fear, and starts her passionate dance; enter ‘Angel of Winter’. Using this newfound optimism, ‘Adagio for Strings and Storm’ is an attempt to restart one’s life in the middle of the cold hells, a desperate plea to begin anew. This attempt is doomed however as the track takes a dark turn, transforming into a hopeless cadence. Here you find yourself in ‘The Longest Night In Limbo’; the last hell of despair. This aggressive piece reflects the feeling that this living hell will last forever. And in the end, all this comes to melt – the ‘Melting’ (5 million views in 2 weeks)  – when love and beauty would reap you out of this chain of hells. The person who has suffered is no more. There is only what he was made of in the beginning – a free spirit. Finally, after this strenuous journey, there is ‘Song for A’; a journey of a soul freed from ego through its suffering. A song for anybody by anybody, for everything by everything, free from the material world, the closing track provides the listener with a final sense of relaxation.

Cartosio's ability to capture mood and express a very specific feeling, is unrivalled. 'Melting' is nicely organised, and one can't help but marvel at the sheer accomplishment of this release. Cartosio is clearly attached to the idea of illicting a very deep reaction from his listeners, and this album is  a touching, deeply felt and memorable performance.

Melting Tracklist:
Christmas on the Moon
Cocaine March
Snow Above the Earth
Girl on an Iceberg
Angel of Winter
Adagio for Strings and Storm
The Longest Night In Limbo
Song for A Ft. Angelina Jordan

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