Janus Rasmussen’s NEW ALBUM Counts as One of Your ‘Five a Day’

By Alex Brown - 1.4.19

Faroe Islands-born Janus Rasmussen releases solo album Vin on 29 March and sets himself apart from beloved project KIASMOS with these 12 diverse and rich instrumental house tracks recorded in Reykjavík, Iceland. 

Growing up, the producer got together with friends to make music using primitive software that kept crashing, and that’s where Rasmussen found his dedication to music making. In his own words, Rasmussen explains the frustration surrounding the software, “it's amazing how stubborn you are as a kid, nothing will stop you from doing what you love”.

Janus Rasmussen takes a lot of inspiration from acts like Radiohead, Aphex Twin and Leonard Cohen when it comes to his creative process of trying to find a successful combination in what should be impossible to make work. And that’s where his experimentations give him the edge. This album is full of those elements from the slower paced opening track to the body-moving turn the album takes less than halfway in. 

The two singles already released from the album, namely ‘Green Wine’ and ‘Lilla’ open the album. After which are the songs ‘March’ and ‘April’ appropriately named for their position on the list and spin right off the deep house vibe of ‘Lilla’. Moving forward is the track entitled ‘14’ serves as the gateway into the more upbeat dance tracks made to get you moving. Rasmussen has an undeniable gift for picture painting with his music and leaves you wanting to go back to track one and do the run all from over again and can easily become that album you need to get your daily dose of.  

Album Tracklist:
01. Green Wine
02. Lilla
03. March
04. April
05. 14
06. Orange
07. Pliant
08. 87
09. Wisp
10. Kilju
11. Hue
12. December

Listen to Vin here.

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