Elsa Barahona Releases NEW MUSIC VIDEO for ‘Enseñame’

By Alex Brown - 24.4.19

Elsa Barahona drops the new lively video for her recently released single, ‘Enseñame’ on the 17th April. Produced by UK multi-platinum songwriter and producer Kiz Keyz from Oceans and filled with all the fire one would expect from a young Spanish songstress.

Born on the island of Mallorca only 17 years ago, this young dynamic artist was raised in a family of creatives, immersed in both Spanish and Swiss culture. Elsa Barahona grew up with a goal in mind to make emotional pop music for the people of her island and beyond, to travel the world and share her passion for music.  

The music video features a tail of young summer love. As the title translates to the words ‘Teach me’ and serves a beckoning to take that leap with someone from a childlike crush to real love. It’s a coming of age song and sings to young hearts looking to fall in love. 

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