Christian Löffler releases NEW ALBUM, ‘Graal (Prologue)’ & Announces Tour Dates

By Alex Brown - 8.4.19

Christian Löffler has released his highly anticipated album Graal (Prologue) via his own imprint Ki Records

Characterised by inspiration from Löffler’s hometown of Graal-Müritz, Germany, the album utilises live instrumentation to capture the feeling and mood of a space, a skill at which Löffler excels. Previous EP’s Heights, Raise, and Aspen, saw the German producer using this same technique, and it appears as though  he has fine polished his abilities.

An apt painter, Löffler’s affinity for music is mirrored in both artforms. “Still, today, it’s the same feeling that drives me, and it makes no difference what I use for it, whether it is music or paint” he says. The album is a transcendent journey born out of frustration and a sense that while touring, he no longer had the mental space or downtime to let his creativity flourish. Periods like this  would often be followed by a time of intense creativity focussed on visual art – painting, drawing, and “some video stuff.” This allowed him the mental space to turn off from music, and return with new gusto. 

Graal (Prologue), is a precursor to an album that will be released later this year, where each track will be accompanied by a painting he created himself.

Catch Christian Löffler LIVE:

10.04.2019 Brüssel (BE), Botanique

11.04.2019 Berlin (DE), Columbia Theater
12.04.2019 Wien (AT), WUK
13.04.2019 London (UK), Printworks
17.04.2019 Kopenhagen (DK), Vega Jr.
19.04.2019 Granada (ES), Sun & Snow Festival 
26.04.2019 Brno (CZ), Vibe Club
27.04.2019 Mönchen Gladbach (DE), Kulturkirche

10.05. Zorlu PAC Jazz Festival, Istanbul

25.05. Athen (GR), Add Festival

31.05. München (DE), PULS Open Air

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