Electropop songstress Eden Samara with second SONG 'Robots'

By Alex Brown - 12.3.19

There seems to be no stopping electro-pop songstress Eden Samara. After the successful release of her title single 'Days' she has just shared 'Robots', which was premiered by Clash magazine. Both tracks are lifted from her upcoming album, Days.

The Canadian singer has drawn influence from a plethora of sources over the years. Her roots are set in underground rave culture, singing in choirs, and a background in musical theatre. 'Robots' is a collage of life experiences, and speaking of the track she comments "The song was inspired by a brief relationship I had that really f--d me up, but it became a social commentary on our tendency in the digital age to shut down on one another. There have been times where operating with this sort of emotional numbness seemed very appealing, but in the end, I always find myself choosing to feel and explore vulnerability. Frankly, our current sociopolitical climate scares the shit out of me, because in a time when we’ve never been more globally connected I’ve never seen such a general lack of empathy from humanity."

Eden Samara is not known to shy away from uncomfortable truths, and 'Robots' is no exception. The singer tackles these issues in her unapologetic manner, stamping her personality onto the track and  perfectly roughing up the edges of a long-standing pop mould.

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