Following SACRE on a voyage of love and mystery: 09:00PM THE COCONUT BAR

By Alex Brown - 5.3.19

It's nine o'clock at The Coconut Bar and eclectic duo SACRE have turned up the tempo on their latest single, lifted from upcoming album LOVE REVOLUTION. ‘09:00PM THE COCONUT BAR’ is the third instalment in what will be a twelve part story from SACRE, and has just hit #1 on the Hype Machine Charts.

The evening started with '07:00 VAHINE' where we met Sukil, "the girl with the red beret" and on "08:00PM JUNGLIZATION" we were introduced to the charismatic "love preacher" Hawaii.
Now our two lead characters meet at the infamous Coconut Bar, in a track characterised by an upbeat club-ready sound.

LOVE REVOLUTION has been designed an immersive narrative, combining art, music and social media. Each track is a story,  and introduces a new character with every release, until a cast of 12 personas intercept for a magical ending.  The architects behind the album, Sukil and Hawaii have designed every aspect of the album themselves, and an accompanying photo-series is published on Instagram with every release, depicting the character and scene of the new track.

The eclectic duo physically reside in Amsterdam, but are definitely living on their own planet. They love 4am french fries, believe that yellow and blue are the beginning of everything, and that music is love. Their musical tastes gravitate towards Tame Impala, Jungle, iconic old-school acts like Rodriguez and The Beach Boys, and experimental French electronic artist SebastiAn. However, in terms of genre they remain enigmatic, their style is best described as a whimsical cocktail of  Møme, Le Couleur, David Lynch and fashion designer Iris van Herpen.

Hawaii and Sukil give some insight into the track: “Previously Sukil was listening to Hawaii on Radio 64, talking about his Love Revolution. She decides to meet him and jumps in a taxi. It’s now 9pm, and on her way to the bar she is lost in thought, reviewing her life. When she finally arrives at the bar the atmosphere is electric and Hawaii is looking straight  at her...
This is the third song of our LOVE REVOLUTION album. It’s about the moment  before you are about to make a big change in your life. When you picture everything that you’ve done wrong or right, when you decide what was happy or what was sad. This is the time / track of freedom.”

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