RKCB's powerful NEW MUSIC VIDEO illustrates devastating effects of climate change & global warming

By Alex Brown - 5.2.19

LA’s soulful alt-pop/electro R&B duo, RKCB, is currently in the midst of their co-headlining See For Yourself tour of North America w/ Shoffy ahead of the release of their new Shores EP on February 22nd via AllPoints, and today they're sharing an absolutely compelling music video for the EP’s latest single, 'Till We’re In The Sea'.  Directed by Mike O’Brien and produced by AVONNI, the cinematic video is a powerful visual depiction of what the devastating implications of global warming and climate change have already wreaked on Mother Nature, while simultaneously portraying a narrative of hope for the future.

Of the video, O’Brien explains “Till We’re In the Sea is a story told through the eyes of Mother Nature as she witnesses herself being destroyed by man.   Our goal is to inspire people to take action. Now is the time for a massive shift in human perspective. Becoming more conscious of nature will allow us to heal the planet by working with it, not against it. My hope for this video is to expand people’s awareness and show them what a beautiful place this truly is and to highlight how lucky we are to be here at this exact moment in time.” 

RKCB adds, "We wanted to explore different landscapes through the eyes of a “Mother Nature” figure. How would she interact with our world today, where would she find solace? The sea has so much life, it is our beginning, and it may be our end, but perhaps it is a place we can restart.

Comprised of Riley Knapp and Casey Barth, RKCB is an LA-based production duo whose alchemic sound fuses neo-soul, modern electronic R&B and dreamy synth-pop with avant-garde lyrics, resulting in an unparalleled sound. Accomplished producers and songwriters in their own right, having worked w/ Tinashe Julia Michaels, Kacy Hill & more (along eclipsing 100 million Spotify streams to their name alone), RKCB is poised to have a massive year all their own in 2019. Their new Shores EP is a set of six tracks that throb with enlightenment about the life and death nature of love, our relationship with consciousness and even global warming, much of which was inspired by Alan WattsOut Of Your Mind, which they read on a creatively liberating trip to London together. Embedded beneath the scratching of synths and rhythmic layering, both musicians draw from an array of disparate influences, everything from Motown to Fleetwood Mac, which span from their youth, all the way to when their destinies would become forever entwined during their music studies at University of Southern California. 

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