Following SACRE MUSIC journey through the night: 08:00PM JUNGLIZATION

By Alex Brown - 5.2.19

Parisian duo SACRE are taking listeners on an auditory journey through the night with their upcoming album LOVE REVOLUTION - an interactive concept album combining  art, music and social media.

The expedition began with last month’s release of '07:00PM VAHINE', and once the full album is released all of the tracks will be successive, starting at 07:00PM and running until 06:00AM, creating an immersive story where new characters are introduced and will eventually all meet for a grand finale.

'07:00PM VAHINE' introduced us to Sukil, “The Girl with the Red Beret” as she stared dreamily at a vahine doll on her desk, wishing she could be anywhere else rather than at work. Our narrator, ‘The Journalist’ prepares us for what is to come, as he gears up to meet a mystery preacher of love….

It’s now 8 o'clock and we meet Hawaii in 08:00PM JUNGLIZATION. Our narrator steps into the infamous Coconut Bar where he meets the “Love Preacher” and Margarita connoisseur. It’s time to talk about love…

LOVE REVOLUTION can be described as a fully handcrafted multimedia project. Sukil and Hawaii have created everything themselves, from the music, to their logo, to the outfits and scenes in which the characters find themselves. SACRE worked with photographer Thomas Braut for the Instagram photography that is released with every new track. A Facebook story accompanies the releases too, keeping listeners up-to-date with the plot. 

A refreshing take on an album release, LOVE REVOLUTION looks set to be in interesting voyage. Follow the trail of mystery, sex and coconut. 

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