Eden Samara teases us with her NEW SONG 'Days'

By Alex Brown - 19.2.19

Eden Samara has released her new single 'Days.' An upcoming EP by the same title is in the pipeline, and the young electro-pop songstress has worked with a host of creatives to unveil it, including host of creatives including engineer Matt Stevens (Bruno Mars, Young Thug, Keys N Krates), Sydney Galbraith, (Desert Fish Studios), artist/ producer Jim Junior (Ralph), songwriter John Mavro (River Tiber) and techno producer and DJ Ryan Pierre.

Hailing from the Canadian mountains of Nelson BC, Samara eventually moved to Toronto to pursue musical theatre where she worked professionally across Canada and the US. However, in 2016, after a soul-searching solo backpacking trip through Europe, she realised her heart lay in songwriting. Eden left the theatre and began developing her musical career.

Speaking of the track, Eden says: “Days is an anthem I wrote for myself to get through the last few years of being lost in the conundrum of 'what am I doing with my life?’ I often woke up resentful of why I had my heart set on being an artist instead of a more conventional profession, and was struggling with societal expectations and feeling burnt out. ‘There seems to be less space between my nights and days’ is the sensation of time passing and everything blending together. Like that feeling of not knowing how to get out of bed in the morning because you’ve already failed at life. And maybe you start to self-medicate a little more than you should...”

The single is positioned as a warm up to her EP, and there's enough substance here to match and maintain expectations. 'Days' is a remarkably strong and mature entry, and sees Eden Samara producing music that is heady, adventurous and intelligent. Her willingness to own every step, and to show her listeners how the tough times helped mould her music, makes the track a compelling listen.

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