Will the year 2019 feature JUSTIN BIEBER at all?

By Alex Brown - 10.1.19

Is it too late now to say sorry? Justin Bieber has had a wild couple of years since his last LP titled ‘Purpose: The Movement’ released in 2015. Since then he married Hailey Baldwin, apparently punched a dude in the face in Barcelona, Spain and even cancelled a big leg of a tour in 2017 just to name a few. By now we know Justin Bieber is prone to shenanigans but could this be the year of redemption for the pop superstar?

If the idea of a new Justin Bieber album gets your blood pumping, do not get excited yet, for we have no timeline or confirmation regarding a fifth album release. Apparently Justin is cutting back on the work to focus on his marriage. Which is fair since he is a human too. His wife, Hailey, appears to be more motivated and eager to start work and projects although it has been reported that they are not on the same page regarding the topic.

For now Justin Bieber wants to chill, watch movies and hang out after working hard in the past, which is quite contrast to Hailey's energetic-ready to work attitude apparently. Luckily there seems to be a lot of love and patience, and that’s what matters.

Although, there is some news that will make superfans heart skip a beat. Scooter Braun, Justin’s manager might have shed some light on the thought teasing that ‘’2019 is gonna be a wild one. I just feel it’’ Well Scooter, we feel it too. Especially after the apparent deleted tweet that teased the words ‘JB5?’

For now, let’s keep them fingers crossed.

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