VickyT With A New Synth Pop SONG 'Kryptonite'

By Alex Brown - 28.1.19

Born Victoria Asher, VickyT grew up in a highly creative environment with her father, multiple-Grammy-winning producer/manager/musician Peter Asher, and mother Wendy Worth, an art curator.  Half-English and half-American, growing up steeped in music, books, films and painting, Victoria has enjoyed a varied and exciting creative life thus far, defying definition and description – and she now looks to make her mark on the world with her infectious Synth Pop. As expected given her background, VickyT is a renaissance woman. She has a hand in all aspects of her work—songwriting, music production, vocals, and even directing her own music videos. The visual accompaniment is a huge part of her creative expression.

The 405 has shared VickyT's video for her track "Kryptonite". The single is out now and will be featured on her EP 'Vicky' out 3/15/2019. 

Watch “Kryptonite” Music Video Here : 

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