Singer-Songwriter Pasha releases captivating SONG ‘No Name’

By Alex Brown - 10.1.19

Twenty-three year old singer-songwriter Pasha, just release his second single titled 'No Name'. At the age of fifteen the Lithuanian-born musician picked up a guitar and started to follow his dream.

Everyone knows pursuing your dream is never an easy feat and with this responsibility comes change. Change came for Pasha when he moved to the mighty London to work solely on his writing and performance.

London being more then just a hub for artists, Pasha discovered that the cities moving scenery and energetic artistic vibe was all he needed. Performing across the capital and building up a fan base the story of moving to a foreign country to discover your dreams become a reality.

Pasha describes the making of 'No Name' as quite the journey. During the months of living in London he experienced life in a way that changed his perspective forever. Every individual in the world has the surreal experience of questioning one’s home, family and friends. When reality becomes the playground for one’s thoughts and the world does not understand the experience you feel lost and do not know where you might belong.

For Pasha, the music is his home away from home.

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