Parisian duo SACRE releases dreamy tropical-infused house SONG ‘07:00PM VAHINE’

By Alex Brown - 17.1.19

One of the hottest songs of the moment have been released by one of the hottest (and soon to be massive) duo's around; SACRE released their hypnotizing track ‘07;00PM VAHINE’  recently via their own imprint Palmtree Hotel. You might have heard of SACRE before, as they received widespread international acclaim last year for their EP, ‘The Call’, which achieved more than 2 million streams across online streaming platforms and became a Number 1 on Hype Machine Popular Charts.

Originally from France but now residing in the creative hub of Amsterdam, musicians Hawaii and Sukil are the masterminds behind the intergalactic pop project that is SACRE. Both were the only musicians in their families growing up, but managed to pursue their dreams of a creative and musical life. Hawaii discovered his passion for music from listening to the Star Wars soundtrack when he was 8-years-old; it was from then onwards that he started to play, compose and hone his musical craft. Sukil started training at a classical music conservatory at the tender age of 6; 12 years after, she graduated and became a concert pianist. But it was only when Sukil teamed up with Hawaii that her own compositions were able to flourish, and the two embarked on their SACRE journey.]

Entrancing from the very first beat, SACRE absolutely shines in their latest track ‘07:00PM VAHINE’. SACRE manages to transport the listener to a tropical paradise of beats, synth and textural bliss; as the chorus states, ‘I’m with you on the beach’. The track is dynamic in it’s form, yet simple in its execution. Each bar adds a new layer to this ethereal production as the dreamy vocals drive the track forward. Each new element that gets added to this track, is placed with the utmost care as they all implore you to move along to the beat and dance your shoes off. 

Listen to SACRE’s '07:00PM VAHINE' here:

On their new single release, SACRE comment, “A sweet arsonist stripper on the run, an ancient love stone, an irritating psychic, the first wedding of a mute gas attendant, the very famous coconut bar, dark mavericks from mount Olympus…A simple night that everyone will forget. This is Love Revolution, the new odyssey of SACRE.”

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