Fjerstad releases '8 Circuit Neurogasmic Trigger' ALBUM on green vinyl to get that oldschool electronica nostalgia

By Alex Brown - 28.1.19

"8-circuit neurorgasmic trigger" is the debut full-length under the surname of multi-disciplinary l.A. Artist (chad) fjerstad. The electronica LP is a fully digital excursion primarily inspired by some of the finest stalwarts of the uk 90's (lfo, orbital, the chemical brothers, etc), while also pulling influence from a full timeline of techno, electro, and japanese synth music such as yellow magic orchestra and 16-bit video game soundtracks.

After experimenting with the fusion of digital and analog synths on his 2015 ephemerol LP, fjerstad made a decision to separate the two, outputting full digital works under his surname, while all future more ephemerol works would become analog-centric.

Have a listen to "Banging The Guixian Tam-Tam":

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