Electronica act, Lex Audrey, announces debut ALBUM and challenges superficial culture with latest synth heavy SONG, ‘Winter II’

By Alex Brown - 28.1.19

It’s always exciting when an up and coming act get the chance to release their debut album. Austrian electronica act, Lex Audrey, have announced their debut album, ‘No Intention of Changing the World’, which is set for release on the 8th of February. Along with this announcement, they have shared the first single from the album, ‘Winter II’ which will be available on all platforms from the 1st of Feb.

The Vienna-based trio consists of Niklas Pichler (vocals), Patrick Pillichshammer (drums and samples), and Lukas Staudinger (synth and bass). Each of them started playing instruments from a very young age as it allowed them to express themselves freely through the use of music. With Niklas on main songwriting duty, the group comes together to create a track around his creations as each idea comes to fruition. Having been part of the Austrian music scene for almost two years now, their debut album sees Lex Audrey ready to take on the global market as they rely more on electronic soundscapes instead of traditional instrumentation. 

‘Winter II’ is a track that finds itself in the perfect balance of making you want to dance while simultaneously feeling like you want to cry. The production is upbeat, but don’t be fooled, as the lyrics will hit home. An absolute banger of a track, we simply cannot wait to see what the album has in store. 

Lex Audrey explains the theme of anti-superficiality in ‘Winter II’; “All they do is yell, and they‘re searching for attention without words, attention for hollow minds”.

No Intention Of Changing The World’ Tracklist:
1. Lost To You
2. Winter II
3. From Beginning
4. Mexican Standoff
5. TikTikBoom!
6. Little Elephant
7. Get Me Anywhere
8. »GodGiven«
10. No Intention Of Changing The World
11. Metaphor
12. The Key

Upcoming Tour dates for 2019:

7 March, POMOPERO, Breganze
9 March, MISHIMA, Terni
10 March, DISSONANZE, Cava de’ Tirreni
14 March, PRIMACLASSE, Ragusa
15 March, MONO, Catania
16 March, ZOOTV, Brucoli
17 March, HMORA, Siracusa
18 March, BOLAZZI, Palermo
20 March, OFF, Lamezia Terme
21 March, HUB, Cosenza
22 March, MR ROLLY’S, Vitulazio
23 March, DELIRI, Sora
25 March, LE MURA, Roma
26 March, MARLA, Perugia
27 March EX CINEMA AURORA, Livorno

16 April, FZW, Dortmund
18 April, SUBSTAGE, Karlsruhe

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