Electro-pop queen Eulene has just released her NEW SONG 'Momma'

By Alex Brown - 22.1.19

Female artists have never shied away from producing bold tracks, and Eulene is staking her claim in the industry with the release of ‘Momma’.

The New York Born and Nashville Based Eulene has shared the lyric video for her single ‘Momma’ recently via GoGoLove Records; the single is lifted from her upcoming self-titled EP.

Inspired by groundbreaking acts like Björk and Lorde, it’s evident in Eulene’s sound that she aims to break the boundaries of any genre she tackles. Eulene’s electro-alt-pop sound can be compared to the dark undertones of Grimes, the dance-inducing vocal hooks of Robyn, and the trendy St Vincent while still incorporating more experimental elements that you would find in artists like Bjork and Son Lux.

Eulene’s ‘Momma’ is a bold debut to the world. What better introduction than in in-your-face alt/electro-pop track that demands attention with each passing second. Eulene’s voice is only complemented by the masterful production on ‘Momma’; a track that is sure to electrify audiences with each live performance. What's next for Eulene? Only time will tell!

Eulene says about “Momma”, “When I was writing this song, I jammed on my bass for a long bit, days really, searching for the truth and the cadence of being female. I’m one of five - the only girl -  so being female has been a prevailing theme of my life always. And a place of reflection for as long as I can remember. The role of the Momma - so dominant, so powerful yet so delicate. The raw, the wild, the fully intuitive nature is what took hold and what drove both the writing and the production.  The ferocity of the momma-bear lives in the rap/sing style of the verse while the soft and gentle momma floats and soars in the chorus’. And finally, there is the primal call of the woman, heard in the bridge. All in a 3 min. snapshot. or, I should say…journey!

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