Sôra releases music video for ‘Lifestorm’ filled with snakes, shirtless dancing and your new favourite chair

By Alex Brown - 22.11.18

Not too long ago, we shared our excitement over Sôra’s latest single, ‘Lifestorm’ here on Exit Through The Sound, and today we’re delighted to have been informed that she released a stunning music video to go along with the track. And you know what the best news is? Her album ‘Number One’ drops tomorrow!

Daughter of a British mother and a French father, Sôra devoted herself to music and arts since she was a child; playing the piano, singing and dancing. With her distinctive, powerful yet velvetine voice now in full flare, she then went on to perform on collaborations with different musicians and producers. Sôra is widely influenced by a wide array of genres, including jazz, rock, and soul and is now comfortably surrounded by her creative and productive teams; Colligence Records and Complice Music, where she takes up management, publishing and label affiliation duties.

The music video for ‘Lifestorm’ is a colourful blend of lighthearted fun and the coolest chair you’ll ever lay your eyes on. Seriously, Sôra, where can we get that stunning furry masterpiece? Apart from the chair, the video contains snakes, lit hallways and a whole lot of pink. ‘Lifestorm’ is pure electro-pop bliss as each chorus is filled with synth and harmonic vocal melodies. 

Speaking on the latest single - Sôra states, “‘Lifestorm’ is a very metaphorical song I wrote a few years ago. It's about turns you take or not take, about things that can change your life like meeting someone or music, in my case. This Lifestorm I'm talking about is very positive! I really hope you'll try and have the chance to live yours.”

Sôra will be releasing her ‘Number One’ EP tomorrow via Kitsuné.

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