[Review] Filled with hit-after-hit, wave producer Sorsari stuns with a magical new song, ‘Patterns’

By Alex Brown - 7.11.18

Written by AvdW
Wave music has been rising all over the internet in recent years. From America, England, Australia, Japan and even as far as North-Korea (yup). It’s one of the most exciting sub-genres to gain prominence in recent years, and Sorsari is here to stake his claim. 

Electronic music producer Sorsari released his anticipated EP ‘Patterns’ via vibe.digital Recordings recently and what makes this release even more impressive, is that he produced, recorded, composed and mixed the whole EP himself. He did reel in Blake Butcher (also known as the Wave fan-favourite, Guilt Chip) to handle the mastering of the EP as one sometimes need an outside touch to perfect a masterpiece. Sorsari has played a huge part in growing the identity of the emerging wave music genre and, last year, his endeavours earned him a coveted place in the formative Wavemob collective, as well as an official remix collaboration with Om Unit.

Sorsari’s latest EP might be one of the most exciting releases in wave music to date. Wave can often be quite emotional with its deep bass structures, but ‘Patterns’ takes these notions and moulds it to fit his own agenda. Wave music is not something you will often hear in clubs or at festivals, but Sorsari will definitely be the exception. ‘Patterns’ is demanding, huge and does not take no for an answer.

Monster’ is a hard-hitting wave track ready-made for the clubs and so is ‘Flayed’ with its frantic beats and textured production.
On the opposite side of the spectrum, you have tracks like the opener ) ‘Dreamers’ which gives off a sense of serene euphoria.
This is immediately followed by ‘Will We Ever’ which is proof that bass beats and layers of emotion can create images of melancholy and sadness.
Not to be outdone, the title track ‘Patterns’ throws trap beats into your ears making it difficult to ignore.
The same goes for ‘The Great Construct’, but to a lesser degree. Before you leave ‘Patterns’, Sorsari leaves you with the emotional ‘Closing The Tesseract’ with vocal work reminiscent of sirens and whales singing their final song to each other.
The final track on the EP comes in the form of a remix of ‘The Great Construct’ done by none other than Deadcrow himself. Easily the hardest hitting track on the EP, this is everything a great remix should be. Taking a track and making it your own, while still honouring the original. 

I think it’s quite clear that we’re very impressed by this EP and look forward to what Sorsari and vibe.digital will deliver in the future. An instant wave classic, Sorsari just cemented his name among the genre greats with ‘Patterns’.

On his new ‘Patterns’ EP, Sorsari comments: “I wasn't really influenced by a lot for this EP but it was more of a gateway for me to start writing more wave music at 140 bpm.  I really enjoy this tempo since it brings higher energy into a live environment like a club or festival and it was a nice change from writing a lot of slower tempo tunes (I'm still a big fan of writing slower emotional music). I'm typically inspired by life and consciousness and this EP was really just a compilation of the 140 bpm tracks that I felt really good about during the time-frame between making the tunes and getting the release lined up.” 

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