Multi-instrumentalist, Theodore, releases experimental rock album, ‘Inner Dynamics’

By Alex Brown - 14.11.18

One of the most creative minds in the music industry today, Greece-based Theodore has released a brand new album; Inner Dynamics. Inner Dynamics was released on the 2nd of November via United We Fly and was recorded in only 45 days. A stellar feat, considering it contains 10 genre-bending tracks that drip with creative intelligence.

Based in Athens, Theodore's schooling in piano and traditional Greek folk music, lead to a professional music career in London, where he studied Music Composition in 2011. Theodore has written music for theatrical pieces such as Matina Megla’s Window, Vladan Nikolic’s film Bourek, and was commissioned to write a new score for Buster Keaton’s classic silent comedy of 1928, The Cameraman. Theodore and his band then performed the score live to the film screening, in the unforgettable setting of the Temple of Zeus in Athens, which he describes as “one of the best moments of my life.” Theodore has gained notoriety for his memorable live performances, dazzling audiences with his mesmerizing stage presence.

Theodore’s album, Inner Dynamics, questions the notions of rock and fully expands on what a genre could include. Inner Dynamics sees Theodore travel to the corners of his creativity to present something that feels celestial, yet grounded. This album feels massive, yet keeps it small and tender as a window into the complicated mind of this multi-instrumentalist.

Prepare yourself for a journey of self-discovery, woe, and masterful musicality and listen to Inner Dynamics below:

Theodore comments, “For Inner Dynamics, I was trying to express my urge to connect the conscious and subconscious part of myself so I can be creative. It's an understanding that humans are not just one thing, and they shouldn’t try to hide certain elements of their personality because society likes to put labels of who we are. It's the different sides of my self that makes who I am.

Theodore is known the world over for his mesmerising live shows which includes several instruments, lively performances and energetic light shows. 

Be sure to catch him at one of his upcoming shows:
15 November: L’astral, M for Montreal, Montreal [CA]
16 November: Patro Vys, M for Montreal [CA]
23 November: Treibsand, Lübeck [DE]
24 November: Hansa48, Kiel [DE]
26 November: Die Nato, Leipzig [DE]
27 November: MTC, Köln [DE]
28 November: Musik und Frieden, Berlin [DE]
29 November: Häkken, Hamburg [DE]
30 November: Kleinkunstbühne, Bremen [DE]
1 December: Ms Loretta, Celle [DE]
6 December: Ekfrasi Theatre, Ioannina [GR]

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