Multi-Genre Songstress, Sôra, releases pulsating new single, ‘Lifestorm’; announces new album

By Alex Brown - 5.11.18

Never failing to surprise, Sôra released a brand new single entitled ‘Lifestorm’ via Kitsuné. Not only did she drop a fresh track for all of us to enjoy, she also announced that her upcoming EP, Number One, will be released on the 23rd of November.

Ever since she was little, she played a multitude of instruments experimenting with different sounds and genres. It could be because her mother is British and her father French, exposing her to multiple different music tastes not normally heard. Her previous single ‘Sakura’ was released to critical acclaim and we’re sure ‘Lifestorm’ will be no different. 

‘Lifestorm’ sees Sôra heading in more pop direction as opposed to the hip-hop influences of previous single, ‘Sakura’. ‘Lifestorm’ is filled with delicate production elements hobbing about; always keeping the listener on their toes. The track brings forth images of fantasy with it’s bell-esque layering. Ever changing, Sôra’s warm voice fills each gap in the track with her alluring persona. 

Speaking on the latest single - Sôra states, “‘Lifestorm’ is a very metaphorical song I wrote a few years ago. It's about turns you take or not take, about things that can change your life like meeting someone or music, in my case. This Lifestorm I'm talking about is very positive! I really hope you'll try and have the chance to live yours.

Listen to Sõra's latest track, 'Lifestorm' below:

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