Halloween can last the whole month, with TGC’s latest music video for ‘Rooms’

By Alex Brown - 1.11.18

Even though Halloween has come and gone for 2018, electro -op group TGC has released a lyric video for their new single, ‘Rooms’ that will have you celebrating this spooky day for the rest of the year. Released via Illuminated City, ‘Rooms’ is the second single form TGC’s ‘comeback’ after the release of the addicting ‘ECG’ not too long ago. 

Citing contrasting influence from Michael Jackson to Enya as inspiration, TGC’s music appears similar in tone to artists and bands such as Electric Youth, or Chromatics for their synthpop-heavy leanings, but the duo’s music could probably be best compared to atmospheric electronic acts such as Blue Hawaii for their ability to control and manipulate texture at will, whilst still retaining their original dreamlike, and developed sound. 

The track is a slow and tender electronic pop track that eerily creeps into your brain an sticks around for the rest of your day. Luckily that’s a good thing, because ‘Rooms’ will lure you in and lock the door behind you, leaving you gasping for more as the smooth production fills your ears. Lightning storms, creepy hallways, mysterious figures (even an out of this world alien makes an appearance), all stirred together makes for a riveting lyric video. If they put this much effort into the lyric video, then TGC must have something truly special planned for the actual music video!

Milla of TGC comments, on the latest single: "Rooms is a ghostly story about searching for someone who may not exist."

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