Bittersweet electropop cuts that explore gender and sexuality from Danish duo Feel Freeze for their debut Album, ‘Feathers & Scars’

By Alex Brown - 7.11.18

Danish electropop duo Feel Freeze is made up Raymonde Gaunoux and Mathias Vinther Lilholt, two musicians who are not afraid to use their exceptional talents to explore important concepts such as identity, love, sexuality and the gender binary. The pair have crafted their very own sound that pays respects to retro dance music but can hold its own in the contemporary pop scene, using sweet-as-honey vocals set against bass drones, crisp drum electronics, acoustic guitar and infectious synthesizer melodies. Feel Freeze have just released their debut LP last month, ‘Feathers & Scars’, via reputable label Icons Creating Evil Art, an expressive, thought-provoking, electropop triumph.

Once you hear Feel Freeze’s brand new full-length album, it makes sense that the two members have known each other for more than a decade - the music is exactly something that two long-time friends would make; equal parts honesty, personality and fun. Although not overtly political, Feel Freeze is political in the sense that queer bodies are inherently political, and Raymonde and Mathias use their music to express their explorations of non-binary worlds - a welcome sight and sound in the highly heteronormative world of music.

Listen to Feel Freeze’s debut album, ‘Feathers & Scars’, below.


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