We spoke to Boundary, a dynamic teenage producer from the Dominican Republic

By Alex Brown - 23.10.18

Hailing from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean, seventeen-year-old producer and artist, Boundary, has been mixing genres with his eclectic style ever since he can remember. Inspired by several genres including outsider house, acid house and other artists associated with a lo-fi, DIY aesthetic, he manages to perfectly balance the visual with the musical components in each of his tracks. His music features a range of electronic influences which culminates in a flurry of creative experimentation.

Boundary;s latest anticipated new EP, Aerodynamics of Multimedia, will be out on the 7th of December via Point Records.

We sat down with Boundary, and spoke about his recording process, the gear he likes to use and the music scene in the Dominican Republic.

For anyone unfamiliar to Boundary’s gleaming momentum, how would you personally describe the music you produce?

I don’t even know if I could describe it myself, it’s just a mix of a bunch of genres and whatever I feel like doing, so I guess I should just call it experimental electronic.

Boundary’s latest highly anticipated EP Aerodynamics Of Multimedia is out on December 7th via Point Records. Could you detail this recording process and how it may have compared to past studio sessions?

The songs on this EP were recorded during mid 2017 through late September of this year. Most of the compositions were very barebone for most of the year,  but around June of this year I felt very due to lots of changes and new things happening in my life. It was kind of overwhelming because I couldn’t control it, so I feel like finishing these songs was the way to take control of what was happening.

What do you feel makes Boundary stand out from the rest? Is there a certain recipe to the madness and magic of your music?

The changes in the mood and tone of the songs are what makes my compositions so interesting to me.

Are there any pieces of gear, software or hardware which you feel is absolutely essential in creating Boundary’s rich and unique sound?

The Yamaha DX100 is a very inspiring piece of gear, I don’t know how to program it that well, but that has made me get some pretty interesting sounds; to me it sounds really warm but aggressive at the same time.

What would you say is a usual source of inspiration or influence upon your music? Do you find inspiration throughout your own experiences, or do you take inspiration from other sources of media like books or film etc.

Living in DR is definitely a huge part of the way I compose, everything is just so unexpected but expected at the same time, I don’t know if im explaining myself properly, but part of that ambiguity is very important to me. - I am currently reading “Cuentos De Amor, De Locura y De Muerte” by Horacio Quiroga, a friend of mine gave it to me and I’ve already noted down various things that’ve really caught me.

Your track “Galope 034” taken from Confirmado Por Aquellos EP is an atmospheric yet high spirited traverse through a wave of genre crossing. Is there any meaning behind this particular piece? How did it come to fruition?

I recorded Galope 034 on New Years eve of 2017, the track to me feels like a review of everything I did that year.

Tell us about Dominican Republic’s live music scene - what’s unique about it?

It’s very united, you’ll see people that play metal in an electronic show, or people that play electronic in a bachata or fusion show. It’s really small but to me that’s what makes it so special, it feels like a family.

Care to mention any personal playlist favourites on heavy rotation right now?

I always listen to Laurel Halo’s Rinse FM playlist in Spotify. I have found some amazing tracks there.

Besides the release of your upcoming EP, what does the future hold for Boundary?

I am currently working on the last entry of the RGB Series, Anteriormente Conocido Como, which is my next full length album.

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