Indie electronic duo HUMANS’ new music video for ‘Breakfast With Liz’ is a wild ride of lights, cops and smooth dance moves

By Alex Brown - 22.10.18

Canadian electronic duo HUMANS have recently released the music video for their new single ‘Breakfast With Liz’. Made by HUMANS’ very own Peter Ricq, it’s no surprise that the video has already been awarded Best Music Video at the Leo Awards 2018, with it’s quirky indie cast of characters, exceptional colour-grading and mesmerising cinematography. 

The opening visuals immediately intrigue the viewer; a woman limps up to a tacky coin-operated laundromat and before we even see her face, we are greeted with her blood-speckled All-Stars. We are also greeted with the music video’s carefully constructed colour scheme, neon lights in purple, pink and green glowing over the beat-up washing machines and the grungy white linoleum broken by spots of lemon-yellow. 

The protagonist, with fiery eyes, short peroxided hair and bloody nose, takes us on a journey through the wild and magical world of this laundromat. Gyrating against strangers and tumble-dryers, confronting police officers and leading synchronised dance sequences, the music video for ‘Breakfast With Liz’ has it all. Although we never find out why our protagonist arrived bruised and bloodied, it doesn’t matter, because it lends to her exceptional fierceness and mystery. While the video features zany moments of sensual release and catharsis, it’s execution is in no way overdone, nor tacky.  In a way, its nature mirrors that of the track itself. Each musical element is meticulously positioned for the best sound possible, in a gracefully minimal way, creating something at once both blissfully danceable and chilled-out. 

Peter explains, rebelliously, that, “This was the most challenging video to date and when your mother says "I watched it, it's not for me" you know you did it right... we've achieved our goal.” 

Watch the video for HUMANS’ ‘Breakfast With Liz’ below. 

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