Australian electronic duo, YesYou, releases emotional one-shot music video for ‘Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometimes’

By Alex Brown - 23.10.18

One of Australia’s hottest up and coming exports, YesYou, released an emotional music video for their single, Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometimes’. Released via Onelove, the song features one of the most powerful voices coming out of the UK, OFEI. Speaking about the collaboration with OFEI, YesYou stated that “OFEI’s voice is not one you can easily pass over. Once you’ve heard it you don’t forget it”. 

A cover of the widely popular song which became famous for being featured in the critically acclaimed film, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, YesYou transforms the track into an electronic R&B inspired track that aims to lifts spirits with each passing key.  The duo also reflects that, “We’ve been focusing our efforts on conveying an emotion in what we do more so than ever before.  We’re finding vocalists we love and letting the music write itself”.

The video for ‘Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometimes’ perfectly captures the soul of the track. Presented as a one shot video, the viewer follows a man running on a deserted street in what seems to be the middle of nowhere. His drive pushes him forward, only to ultimately catch alight and embrace his new state. Did he fail in his task? Or did he simply ‘change his heart’ as the lyrics repeats itself to accept who he is now? I’lll leave that for you to decide.

Watch YesYou’s stunningly cinematic and emotional video ‘Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometimes’ featuring a strong vocal performance from OFEI, here: 

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