Producer/DJ duo Brigade release entrancing electro-house single inspired Berlin’s underworld

By Alex Brown - 27.8.18

Brigade’s new single, released by label giant Majestic Casual, ‘From Dogs We Come’, takes the listener on a meandering journey through primal beats and muted guitars that  moves beyond Berlin's industrial techno sounds with elevated, jazzy chords and old-school synths instead. Self-described as, “Two guys failing university, with analogue synths and some rusty drum beats. Groovy weirdness inspired by the dirty corner-bars of Berlin,” Brigade are part of a new wave of electronic producers in their city who are making sure that left-field indie techno is danceable and mixed with a healthy dose of hip hop attitude.

Because of Brigade’s versatility of sound, the producer/DJ pair can easily adjust to whatever live venue they are tasked with, whether it be European festivals like Fusion, Distortion and Zugvögel or nightclub venues like Sisyphos, IFZ and About Blank, Brigade will bring a killer set that suits the setting. The new track from this pair is no exception when it comes to Brigade’s versatility; ‘From Dogs We Come’ is unusual and unique but fits together flawlessly as a synth-heavy indie-inspired spacey house track that can get everyone grooving.

Listen to ‘From Dogs We Come’ by Brigade here:
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